Alexander Boynes is a Canberra based artist and curator, and the Program Manager at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space. He received his Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at the Australian National University in Gold and Silversmithing; however, his practice has evolved to include painting, photography, print media, light-based work, and video installation. His works is concerned with the ongoing strength and significance of the figure in our visual culture, reflecting how we see ourselves and perceive this country’s shared past.


Boynes will be presenting a full-length performance work Dark Matter at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia in September 2016, with multi-disciplinary art collective PRAXIS, which he established in 2013 with dancer/choreographer Laura Boynes, and cellist/composer Tristen Parr. PRAXIS uses expanded spatial practice to explore the link between visual art, performance, and sound.


Boynes is also an artist involved in Arnhembrand, a project that seeks to raise national and global awareness of the work by Indigenous communities living in west Arnhem Land to preserve their unique culture and ecology. Arnhembrand is an art, science and stories project that promotes the objectives of healthy country and healthy communities in the Djelk and Warddeken Indigenous Protected Areas. Using new mediums and technologies, this project will work with these communities to give voice to the cultural and environmental challenges they face and to push their artistic boundaries. It aims to highlight the critical relationship that they have with their land and to tell their positive story to a wider audience in fresh and exciting ways.


While at CCAS, Boynes has curated The Triangle – Political Art in Canberra (2013)Action Stations – Peter Maloney and Louise Paramor (2014)BLAZE NINE (2015)Footy Fever (2015)2° - Art and Climate Change (2016), and co-curated Future Proof (2014)BLAZE FIVE (2011), BLAZE SIX (2012) and BLAZE EIGHT (2014).



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